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8/30/12 XIA Junsu Tarantallegra World Tour Concert in NYC fan account

        I got out of my house at 4:45pm and arrived at the Manhattan Center at 5:20pm. I got my lighstick from XIA_USA and then got on line. Waited from 5:30pm to around 7:45pm when the doors finally opened. My sprained ankle was killing me by then. It was kinda awkward standing on line. xD The ice kinda got broken when everyone was screaming over these two guys that they thought were back up dancers. I didn't catch a glimpse though because I am short. (>,<) I was in section 102 Row H Seat 3. I could see most of the screens, but I had to lean forward to see all of it which made my shoulders hurt at the end of the show. I could see Junsu pretty well though. He smiled a lot throughout the concert. The concert was from about 8:40pm to 10:30pm? I would say the place was filled up. 

Set List [I am not 100% with this]
VCR Tarantallegra mv
VCR Junsu underwater
-No Gain
Talk 1
-Set Me Free
VCR Too Love 
-You Are So Beautiful
Talk 2
-Even Though You Already Know
-I Turn Around & Around
-Be My Girl (Dancers dancing but Junsu not on stage)
-Last Dance
-I Am Music
-Why Don't You Love Me
-Tarantallegra oriental version
VCR Uncommitted mv
Talk 3
-I Don't Like Love
-The Tree Covered in Dew
-Fallen Leaves (Encore)

      Everyone sang to the Tarantallegra mv when it came on screen. After that it was the short Junsu under water vcr. Junsu rose up on a platform for Breathe and we all started screaming when he did some dance moves. xDD I love No Gain's dance. In Talk 1 Junsu asked if we were okay,introduced himself and said, "I miss you". He also asked us not to fall asleep for the next song meaning Lullaby was next. The dance for Lullaby really is different from one expects (I didn't watch any of the fancams of his 1st Asia tour). Intoxication was really hot though the lyrics will always get me. For Set Me Free Junsu took off his jacket. For the Too Love VCR it showed some video of behind the scenes of the Tarantallegra mv. We all screamed when it showed some more shots of Junsu as a girl. xD You are so beautiful was beautiful. 

      In Talk 2 Junsu said that while performing he noticed that we are all singing along in Korean. I think a guy in the audience yelled out "Junsu!" and Junsu said "Thank you." xD We all laughed at that. After it was 3 wishes time. He said "Genie time" in english. For the first wish a girl wanted him to sing only to her. She told him to sing whatever song. He was really stuck on it. xDD He finally sang Whitney Houston's Greatest Love of All (I had no clue it was that song until I checked twitter later). He said he practiced that song a lot in middle school. The next wish for him to do angel Xiah. He said it sounded different in english. He told all the guys to close their eyes before he did it. xD He was really embarassed which was so cute. (>,<) He only did the pose for like 2 seconds and then said "Thank you." The third wish was for him to be sexy. He cracked up after saying "sexy." He said he's really embarassed because everyone was so up close. Anyway he did a slight butt wave I guess. xDD After that he said "Thank you so much." A girl yelled out "I love you" and he said, "Me too." The girl next to me wanted someone to ask him to do the Gangam Style dance. I wish someone asked him to do it too. xD 

      The next two songs were Even Though You Already Know and I Turn Around and Around which are ballads. Very pretty songs. Be My Girl was a lot of fun even though Junsu wasn't on stage (I honestly wanted him to sing it live). The dancers are awesome! They were having a slight dance off between the guys and girls. After that was Last Dance, I Am Music, and Why Don't You Love Me which are songs from Elisabeth and Mozart! I think the VCR was about Junsu from 2010 to now.

      Finally Tarantallegra came on. I didn't realize it was the oriental version at first. I was singing along in Korean. xD After that was Fever which is my favortie song off his solo album. It pumped us up even more. :) The confetti shot out in Fever which didn't let us see him for most of the song. The Uncomitted mv came on screen and we sang along to it. Junsu then performed it live. I think his english pronounciation was better live. I don't love Uncomitted, but I can still listen to it. 

      For Talk 3 he started off saying thank you and that this was the first time he performed Uncommitted in front of everyone. We all went aw when he said there wasn't much time left and time went by fast. He said he was honored that we were cheering for him. He also said this is his third time in New York and every time he comes here the weather is always bad. He wonders if its just his luck or is NY always like this. When some girl said "What?" ,he also said "What?" He also said "You wanted to see me?" He told the translator to say I Don't Like Love in english instead of the Korean title and when she did, he said "Yeah." We all went aw when he said he cried a lot recording the song. He said it's not because of relationships or anything and a fan said that he's lying/we all said "Ehhhh." He said What did you say? in Korean. He said "I'm not liar" in english which made us all laugh. xDDD He laughed as well. Btw all of these translations are from the person who sat next to me who was a native Korean speaker. 

      The last three songs were I Don't Like Love, The Tree Covered in Dew, and Fallen Leaves. Junsu hit all his notes in every song he sang that night beautifully. ^^ His dancing was awesome as well. I was more shocked seeing Junsu live than I was seeing HoMin at SM Town in NYC last year. Anyway I have now seen 3/5 TVXQ5 members live. I wish the concert was longer. Overall the concert was fantastic and I hope to see Junsu again. :)  


Long Overdue First Post

        Yay this is my first post!!!! xDD I've been mostly using my LJ account to surf around communities for my J-pop, J-Rock, and K-pop information. I think I'll post every once in a while. ^^                     
        I think I'll just post lists of different artists I like. :) For most of the artists I only know a couple songs btw. I need to listen to more songs by all of these artists. The names of the artists in red are my favorites. The names in the parentheses are my biases in the groups also in red.
Arashi (Sakurai Sho)              
Ayumi Hamasaki                       
Akanishi Jin                                     
Hikaru Utada                                   
Namie Amuro                                   
Nishino Kana                                  
Thelma Aoyama                                    
T.M. Revolution
J-Rock (some might be pop/rock bands or artists)            
Aqua Timez
Inoue Joe
High and Mighty Color
NICO Touches the Wall
Porno Graffitti
Stance Punks
Antic Cafe
Do As Infinity

TVXQ5/DBSK/Tohoshinki (Yunho) <- I like both JYJ and HoMin!!!
F.T Island
SS501 (Young Saeng)
SHINee (Jonghyun?)
Big Bang (I sorta like their Japanese releases more)
Super Junior (Yesung)
Click B
Other artists (Mostly from the radio/TV)
Back Street Boys
Lady Gaga
Carrie Underwood
Fall Out Boy
Leona Lewis
Yiruma (amazing pianist!!!)
The Red Jumpsuit Apparatus  
Christina Perri
The Pretty Reckless
Adam Lambert
These are all the artists I can think of right now. I'll probably add more sooner or later. From this list you can see that I am not really a girl group type of person. I don't really like high voices, but they are some artists which I can be okay with it. I'm really into K-pop lately even if it doesn't look like it. xD This summer I plan to get into a girl group in both J-pop and K-pop. I also plan to listen to more songs from most of the artists on these lists and find new artists in J-pop, J-Rock, and K-pop. ^^
You know I actually wrote this two days ago, but my computer messed up and deleted all the spacing for all the lists. I'm not as angry as I was yesterday. Thankfully I didn't have to write this all over again. (>,<) Bye bye!!